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On behalf of the United States Secretary of Defense, we welcome all imPorts to America. While the comfort and safety of every citizen is of our utmost concern, every individual brought into this world must also be aware of the tumultuous situation the world is currently in. The Unites States of American has long been engaged in a terse relationship with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the Soviet Union, and has yet to see an end to this tense relationship. Over the past year the Soviet threat has begun to escalate, proving they have no interest in diplomacy or peacefully settling down with the United States Government or its citizens. Therefore the Government and American citizens ask of you, Registered Hero and imPort, for your assistance in the effort to maintain our constitutional rights and freedom and justice in our country.

The Communists are not just a threat to our nation, but to imPorts as well. In the past year they have targeted imPorts and had it not been for the efforts of your community, American citizens and imPorts would have had their lives at risk.

We ask that you join us in a stand against the Communist threat and to work alongside the United States Government and Armed Forces. There are many ways in which imPorts may assist in the effort and we would be glad to have you, Registered Hero, as as both one of our highly valued citizens and as a member in our fight for freedom.

We understand many of you come from worlds unlike ours. We also understand this is a confusing ordeal for you. In the interest of ensuring that you are well informed of the upcoming decisions you will be asked to make and to help you understand our world we have provided a brief guide for your consumption.

- The United States Department of Defense

    Upon arrival, imPorts receive an injection of microscopic devices called nanites into their skin. In low-level lighting, these nanites can be seen through the skin and rearrange themselves according to the individual imPort's standing with the government, manifesting as tattoos. These nanites are harmless to imPorts and are for your very own protection, as well as national security. ImPorts may find nanites assisting and speeding up their body's tissue reparation process for small cuts or injuries, or are less susceptible to certain ailments, such as the common cold.

    The nanites are self-repairing, thus we strongly discourage imPorts from committing self-harm in an attempt to remove them. If an imPort injures themselves in an attempt to do so, please seek immediate medical attention. There are local doctor clinics in Heropa and a hospital located in Cape Canaveral.

    These nanites are for imPort protection. They grant imPorts the ability to be resurrected upon brain death. The nanites may take anywhere from 12 to 72 hours to both repair and revive an imPort's body. The nanites are unable to fully repair any major tissue or organ damage, or other grievous injuries an imPort may have sustained prior to brain death. Many of these injuries may still be healing upon revival, therefore if you or another imPort finds themselves resurrected we stress that they seek immediate medical attention to avoid further injury or complications. It is also quite common for imPorts to find they are unable to access their powers for 1 - 7 days after their resurrection. Do not be alarmed. If this side effect continues for more than eight days, we recommend seeking medical attention. Other side effects may include nanites treating old injuries and scars and/or phantom pain should they be missing a limb. If this problem persists, seek immediate medical attention at Cape Canaveral. Our team of medical professionals can treat this.

    We strongly encourage imPorts to remain safe. The nanites may save their lives, but at a great cost of its fuel: continuum. Continuum is an unstable element that we mine and refine for the sake of imPorts. The military does not have access to large reserves of this element and the refinery process requires quite a lengthy period. ImPorts are asked to remain vigilant and cautious in their actions as the nanites are unable to repeatedly revive imPorts without exhausting their capabilities and fuel. Side effects of this may include slower healing and reparation, lethargy, slowed motor skills, power abnormalities, organ failure and/or death. If you or any other imPort are experiencing these effects, seek immediate medical attention at Cape Canaveral.

    All imPorts arrive with their tattoos defaulted as Registered, but the choice to officially declare themselves as such or Unsettled is left to their discretion.

    All Registered imPorts are considered to be full fledged citizens of the United States of America. They will receive health care, rent-free housing with amenities, free transportation between the Porter cities of Nonah, De Chima, Heropa and Maurtia Falls, employment, a monthly stipend of $200, and every protection afforded to any other citizen of America.

    There are no negative repercussions to remaining Unsettled; you will simply not receive the same support and protection that every other citizen will receive. Currently, Unsettled imPorts are entitled to rent-free housing with amenities and health care. For information regarding employment, please see Employment below.

    While there are no negative repercussions to remaining Unsettled, becoming a Vigilante is a crime, and will be treated as such. Behaviour such as vigilante justice in which a non-Registered imPort undertakes law enforcement without legal authority, committing extrajudicial punishment, or partaking in citizen's arrest without legal authority are considered to be cases of vigilantism, and as such any non-Registered imPort found to be committing these acts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    We value your security and peace of mind. To this end, we have coordinated with imPorts to provide a system for notification of emergencies in the Porter cities, through a portable beeper device. Registered imPorts are eligible to receive information on the type and location of emergencies, which may be forwarded to other imPorts. Additionally, a Distress Signal Application compatible with your communicator is available for download, which allows you to place a distress call directly to Registered device-holding imPorts.

    Any abuse of this system is grounds for arrest and temporary or permanent revocation of device-holding privileges.

    For further information or to request a device, please contact Wild Tiger or Barnaby Brooks Jr.

    Free housing is available to all imPorts in the cities of Nonah, De Chima, Heropa, and Maurtia Falls. You will be placed in either a house with a capacity for 5 people and free amenities, or in an apartment complex with amenities and free rent provided. If you wish to be transferred to a different residence in any of these locations, you are required to fill out the proper documentation in order to move. If you wish to seek out alternative housing, you may do so provided you are aware that you will be responsible for all funding.

    Transportation between Nonah, De Chima, Heropa and Maurtia is free to all Registered imPorts. Non-Registered imPorts, barring Criminal status, are also free to travel by use of the Porters through permission granted from a military official and/or if they are escorted. Loitering around the Porters is strictly forbidden and you will be asked to leave the premises. Refusal to do so will result in forcible removal.

    All imPorts are given gainful employment as of their arrival to the country. While this is done for your safety and to ensure that you may maintain a regular income, you are welcome to seek out alternative income at your own convenience. Registered imPorts in need of assistance in finding job opportunities that suit their previous field may contact their liaison Captain Aisha Ananke, who will properly assist you. Unsettled imPorts are not entitled to this aid and those who wish to seek out another job are responsible for it on their own.

    We understand this is an incredibly stressful ordeal to process and we deeply empathize. We also understand imPorts have had a number of questions and concerns about the Porter, some of which we cannot answer at the time. Why, you may ask?

    The Porter was discovered back in 1985, recovered from the Atlantic Ocean by military and government officials and brought to Cape Canaveral's lab for investigation. We currently do not know of its origins or how long it was underwater for. In 1986 it began operating without warning, bringing in first wave of imPorts this world had ever seen.

    Scientists have long discovered the Porter is sentient and powerful, but the depth of its powers are unknown to us after all these years. It does not respond to human contact and will only do so if it feels threatened. Attempts to pry it open or tamper with it have resulted in serious injury in the past. ImPorts are prohibited from entering the Porter lab in Cape Canaveral and will be forcibly removed if this is not abide by. Our most skilled scientists have not been able to determine what the Porter's agenda is, therefore for every imPort's safety they are restricted from approaching the Porter.

    Because we do not know its intentions, we cannot tell imPorts the reason they have been brought here, only that it is purely accidental. Our team of scientists have been studying the Porer for years in the hopes they may learn how to access the its transuniversal coding so that in the future we may be able to send imPorts who wish to return home back to their universes proper. At the moment, there has been little success to which we offer our utmost apologies. What we can do and offer is accommodations for every imPort who is brought into this world.

    We would like to assure imPorts concerned about returning home that everything shall be as it was from just before they found themselves ported into our world. According to imPort testimonies, those who have been sent back whether permanently or temporarily, have been sent back to their respective timelines. While imPorts will apparently have no recollection of this world, they will not have been noted as missing, therefore this is no cause for alarm. Your loved ones will not be under any stress and your state of affairs will be as they were when you return.

    Unfortunately, given the Porter's unstable nature, we cannot say when a port out will occur and for how long it may last, or if temporary or permanent. We cannot shut off the Porter and we cannot control its actions, and only manage around it to the best of our ability.

    ImPorts brought into this world are granted superhuman powers from the Porter, though this does not apply to all imPorts; some of you come from worlds were superhuman abilities are commonplace. Some of imPorts will arrive with their powers as they functioned in their world and some may have their abilities altered or removed completely by the Porter; for what reason, we cannot say and we offer our apologies once again should this alarm any imPort.

    Radiation from the Porter plays a role in your powers. Again, please do not be alarmed: this radiation cannot harm imPorts and instead we believe has altered their structure in some fashion to adapt to any changes brought about by their new abilities.

    Your superpowers are noted in your file upon arrival. For many, there will be an adjustment period where you will have to learn to acclimate to your new-found abilities. Some of these adjustments may include physical changes and may be a highly emotional or stressful ordeal to endure. Please be assured imPorts are not alone in this venture and have one another. Military personnel may not be equipped to offer training or advice on how to deal with these changes, but there are places for imPorts to reach out for help or extend it to those in need.

    Current facilities offering assistance are:
    • The School for imPorts is open to students of all ages, offering a traditional curriculum as well as specializing in powers training and offering tutoring to those from worlds unlike this one in acclimating to their new environment. For further information, please contact the school's headmaster Robert Callaghan or director David Xanatos.

    • ImPort Training Facility, a project spearheaded by Nonah imPort Ambassador Ira Gamagori. This facility will offer specialized powers training and medical wing for those in need. Currently accepting applications for tutors and trainees. For further information, please contact Ambassador Ira Gamagori.

    • De Chima imPort Community Center also offers imPorts assistance with integration into their new environment and the community at large. The center hosts several classrooms, a computer lab, and a library among other amenities. For further information, please contact Ambassador Mitchell Hundred.