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Where to go, where to know, and most importantly, how to get there and what you might find. Please note that travel to anyplace that isn't one of the five Porter cities -- Cape Canaveral, Heropa, Nonah, De Chima, and Maurtia Falls -- will take some time longer given that Porters can only teleport to other Porters; everywhere else you go the old fashioned way.

"Other locations of interest" is a section that will be expanded upon as the game progresses. For now, know that these places exist and that characters may eventually get to them for assignments and other errands. Players are welcome to create their own locations of importance, be they businesses or whatnot, and submit them here to this post.

cape canaveral, florida

The military base characters are brought to appears expansive, even if they only glimpse a small part; above ground it's enormous enough, but underground it's even larger, plunging several stories beneath the Earth. The labs are clean, organized and spacious, though characters won't see much of them before they're ushered out. Nor are they likely to ever, save for the Porter room. The base itself has enough ground area for jets and a lip along the coast for boats. Characters are brought back to a building on base for the Swearing In ceremonies, which they may attend even if they have already sworn in (or not) if they wish to speak to any new arrivals before they make their choice.

The Porter at Cape Canaveral is naturally the biggest one; it is the only one of the five known Porters that can bring characters between universes and not simply teleport between two locations within the same one. For more information about the personnel around the base, check out the General NPCs page.

The city itself, as one might guess by the name, is one of sun (usually) and also one of science and space. It resides along the coast and is, unlike most of the other cities imPorts will be shipped to, exists in real life too!

heropa, florida

This is the town imPorts are escorted to after their arrival, and where they will be living unless they later decide otherwise. It isn't large, although it isn't small, either; the residential areas where government housing is located circle the town, separated from the town's regular housing only by the numbering systems on the doors. There is no other visible difference or barrier in the block between the government housing and the native housing.

The weather in Heropa is what you could expect from a town in Florida, near the beach; sunny and warm-to-comfortable even during the winter months, though with potential for rain, storms, and hurricanes. It isn't located on the beach, but Cape Canaveral is but a 20-minute drive away. Most of the locals of Heropa commute elsewhere for work, but the downtown area has a good many locally owned stores, restaurants, and other businesses, so as long as you aren't dying for a big chain store you can feasibly find all you need here. It's small enough to have a Sheriff and there is no hospital within the town limits -- doctors offices, yes, but for emergencies people are driven to the neighboring, bigger cities -- but it's a comfortable, convenient location. The locals are calm and friendly though perhaps a bit insular, so it's a bit difficult -- though not impossible -- to find work within Heropa, given that most businesses are locally and/or family-owned. For more information about the folks around town, check out the General NPCs page.

Houses in Heropa are similarly comfortable. Given the size and location of the town, government housing in Heropa means a five-bedroom house painted in one of three primary colors, a front yard and backyard, and a one-car garage. Roughly 70% of this housing includes a pool in the backyard. The houses are two stories tall, furnished, and, in addition to five bedrooms, also have five bathrooms, a fully-stocked kitchen, a dining room, a study with a desk, a living room with a television, and an attic but no basement.

There is no military base in Heropa, per se, although there is an outpost where anyone commuting or visiting elsewhere may access a Porter for faster, more convenient travel.

nonah, north carolina

Nonah, North Carolina, is a bustling, industrious city located in the northeastern part of the state just north of Greenville with an active economy; there are jobs here for everyone, be it labor-intensive, data entry, retail, engineering, or almost anything else. Government housing in Nonah surrounds the train that passes through the center of the city, so depending on where you get situated you might hear it passing by. Import/export, transportation, mechanics, and architecture are especially booming industries here.

The weather is temperate, often cloudy and it does get both hot and cold depending on the season; still, it lacks greater extremes. It is not hurricane prone, though it occasionally might suffer earthquakes. The city bustles during the day and well into the night, making for ambitious, hardworking locals and an active nightlife. Locals in Nonah are very friendly and particularly supportive of their local heroes; some may even salute you as you pass them by. "Work hard, play hard" could easily be this city's motto.

Government housing in Nonah means townhouses, all furnished; each five bedroom, five bathroom, of course. The townhouses are red brick and have a small porch/stoop, upper level balcony, a basement, and a backyard; inside is a fully stocked combination kitchen/dining room, three beds/baths on the top floor and two on the bottom, a study with a desk, a living room with a television, and a library. No garage, but there's plenty of street parking if you get a car, or else easy public transportation.

The military base with the Porter in Nonah is the smallest of the bases, located near the train station. For more information about the personnel around the base, check out the General NPCs page.

de chima, virginia

De Chima, Virgina, on the other hand, is a slightly more quiet city (in as much as a city can be quiet) located east of Richmond on Route 360. It's known for a high volume and demand for research, medical, computer and other science jobs, and does in fact have quite a few well-reputed hospitals -- teaching, in some cases -- and colleges. Being a city, of course, it is not limited only to jobs in that area, but it is a very good place for it if that's what you're looking for.

Although it gets warm in the summer, De Chima is a very humid, rainy city; most of the time you can except the day to be at least overcast. The moisture in the air means when it's warm it's very warm and when it's cold it's freezing, so dress appropriately. The city seems to be more active at night than during the day, because during the day everyone's got their nose in their work. During the night at quitting time -- assuming they aren't doctors with an all-night shift -- you can find the bars and nightclubs hopping with locals looking to unwind. They may be aloof to strangers at first, but introduce yourself as an imPort and you'll have at least one offer from someone to buy you a drink; they warm up eventually, especially after a drink or two. Shopping is a big industry in De Chima, with plenty of high-end fashion and technology available even late into the night. Medical and cosmetic advances are also quite progressive in De Chima, compared to other cities were similar trends have not quite caught on; an electrical fitness-assistant collar, for instance, was invented and marketed here.

Housing in De Chima is away from the heart of downtown, closer to the suburbs where there are lots of woods. The government houses are commonly green and grey, furnished, two stories, with a large front and backyards and a one-car garage. They are five bedroom, five bathroom with wood floors, a living room with a fire place, wood stove, and a television, a fully stocked combination kitchen/dining room, a study with a desk, a basement, an attic, and a shed in the backyard.

The military base with the Porter, fairly large, is located right on the edge of downtown. For more information about the personnel around the base, check out the General NPCs page.

maurtia falls, pennsylvania

Maurtia Falls also seems to be an aloof city, particularly compared to Nonah, but enough time spent there will illuminate this impression further. The city is active enough -- though small -- with a middling but steady economy and many job opportunities in the local stores and businesses, but the real life of the city is underground. Not literally, of course, but there is an active gambling, drug, and sex-work circuit in Maurtia Falls far and beyond anything within the other cities, and nearly everyone in the city seems to know about it. Yes, it's illegal, but the cops are easily paid off; in the case of the honest ones, easily avoided.

The weather in Maurtia Falls is generally overcast, though it is known for having violent rainstorms. There's a canal that runs through the town that always sounds like it may burst and flood the town when it rains, but that's never happened yet in Maurtia Falls' 60-odd years of existence. The locals are suspicious of strangers but warm up easily, particularly the more morally grey or gullible they assume a person is; regarding imPorts they're not as enthusiastic as you might find in Nonah due the level of underground vice within the city, but if you're "cool" they'll accept you as one of their own. "You mind your business, we'll mind ours" seems to be a theme in this town; caveat emptor and so forth. Either way, the city's nightlife is active -- plenty of bars and clubs and restaurants, and Maurtia Falls draws a high caliber of cuisine -- and during the day it's quite picturesque.

Government housing is located right on the cusp of downtown, five bedroom/bathroom furnished townhouses of either brick or painted to look like brick. They're two stories and lack a garage, but downtown is close enough to walk or catch as a bus to anyway. Equipped with a porch, upper level balcony, a dirt-floor basement, inside is a fully stocked combination kitchen/dining room, a fireplace, and a den with a desk and a television. The bathtubs, additionally, are claw-footed.

The military base with the Porter is located downtown, a block away from the bus station, a reputed gambling den, and within earshot of the roaring canal. For more information about the personnel around the base, check out the General NPCs page.

other locations of interest
  • New York City - Whoa, another real city! Yes, everyone is fond of New York, and some assignments may in fact take you up this way.
  • Castle Rock, Maine - No, it isn't that Castle Rock, although it is named after it. Castle Rock used to be a picturesque, movie-making town, though now it's mostly a ghost town. A startling amount of accidents and deaths occurred on set while filming in Castle Rock, leading many of the still living to pick up and move elsewhere.
  • Walt Disney World - The U.S. Government rejected the bid to build in Florida, not wanting such a large beacon for visiting foreign nationals to be placed so near to the highly sensitive military installation at Cape Canaveral. Instead, the park was constructed outside the city of Auburn in eastern Alabama, near the scenic Piedmont hills. The major difference is in EPCOT Center. Unlike its real-world counterpart, this EPCOT is a real, functioning city, a joint project of the Disney Corporation and the US Department of Energy. It's powered by fusion generators (as is the rest of the park) and applications to move there are carefully screened, since living in EPCOT is functionally a job.
  • Brycha, Michigan - Situated comfortably near the Great Lakes, Brycha is a popular tourist destination due to the amount of "monster" sightings that have occurred within the city limits. Many claim to not only have seen cryptids emerge from the lake but also from the woods; the legitimacy to these often-documented sightings is unconfirmed.

    Located on Lake Huron, Brycha had once been a spot on the side of the road that left very little impression, especially as people traveled further along the east coast of Michigan toward the tip of its thumb. Brycha’s location is about an hour and a half outside of Port Huron — far enough from Port Huron that it’s a pain to go to for any good reason, but close enough that people could head there while remaining close to the city and its numerous strip malls and fast food restaurants. Nested comfortably into a stretch of land that is largely wooded from its back, and to its front, the typically depleted-by-drought lake, everything changed when people began to report sightings of various monsters. Eventually, a local urban legend was born, claiming these monsters arrived from not only the sea, but also from the woods.

    Despite its original lack of significance, Brycha has changed quite a bit, and those individuals — some sincere in bringing some economic value to the coast of Michigan and some not — took advantage of the rich history of the area to create a place that would become a tourist attraction. After all, that stretch of land had been known as a famous ship wreckage site, and prior to the sightings of the monsters, divers had made yearly trips out to the depths of Lake Huron to see these wooden ships in all their glory. Museums spotted the land, detailing the tragedies of these lost ships. But the rumors of cryptids changed these stories drastically. What if they had been there all along, after all? The museums, desperate to take advantage of the rapidly changing atmosphere, started to alter their focus, suggesting that perhaps … perhaps, the tragedies on the sea had been because of the monsters that had only decided to show their faces recently?

    Even with its changes, its fair, and its new commerce, Brycha will always be a small Michigan town in spirit. Mimicking some of the successes of Lexington (to its south) and Port Sanilac (to its north), it makes sure to capture a small town feel. In recent years, a port-side attraction has been set up, complete with docks and fishing stands so that people can fish while hoping to spot monsters. Some worry that it’s not safe, but that doesn’t mitigate the attraction behind it all. Civil engineers have worked diligently since the rise of attention and focus on Brycha to ensure that it’s not just gravel roads; now, it’s easy to reach off M25. With the development of the bullet train, these same engineers ensured that citizens could reach it easily... though staying in Brycha is no easy task. Given the limited expanse of land, there are services to bring tourists to neighboring cities to remain in hotels, and many are told to stay in Port Huron and take the short train ride up to see the town.

    With the changes, many people have left their quiet homes in Brycha for the cities surrounding it, and it seems they did this almost too smoothly (but if they were offered money, they were also offered hush money in the process).

  • More locations of note can be read about HERE.

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