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getting started (ooc)
What is the premise here?
Your character is brought into this universe, to a military base in Cape Canaveral, Florida, by the American government. While their full motivations seem unclear, what is obvious is that they want you to be "heroes" in a country that's outlawed caped vigilantism, so there is a catch; if you want to be a "hero" under the law you're working for them now. Please refer to this post for more details.

What happened to [community profile] capeandcowl?
The universe and storyline that Cape & Cowl took place in came to an end; this is a sequel, a second chapter, a reboot. Mask or Menace takes place in a new universe with a new plot and new setting.

Do I need to know anything about what happened before the reboot to understand the game?
No you don't. Some characters that will have been in-game before the setting reboot will retain their memories of C&C and occasionally elements from the original game will be re-imagined here in new ways; every callback and aspect of plot will be completely accessible to new players and will not require any prior knowledge of the game pre-reboot.

What kind of characters can I play?
This is a panfandom game, meaning fictional characters from any kind of published mediums are appable here (novels, comic books, webcomics, television, movies, cartoons, so on), as are original characters that:
exist in a world, universe, or story that is original to applicant or is being applied from with permission from the creator
are a modifiable "player character" from an MMO/WoW, a tabletop game, or "choose your own adventure" games such as Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

Character types that we do not at this time allow to be apped include:
real people, even fictionalized versions
fancharacter OCs (original characters set in existing canons)
alternate versions of characters already in-game/character duplicates
characters brought in with memories from previous games (CR AUs)
canon characters from fanmade/unofficial/unpublished AUs
representations of real world artifacts such as countries, the literal sun, (etc.) due to our "canon vanishes" rule

Is there a minimum on how much canon there has to be for me to app (x)?
Yes. Although ultimately this will be judged on a case-by-case basis since different stories reveal information at different paces, our general guideline is that they should have:
one season of canon out, unless they die/exit the series within that season, or:
at least 10 issues of canon out in the case of regularly released ongoing comics (less is fine for mini-series shorter than that) unless that cut-off falls just short of important reveals, or other case-by-case circumstances that may lead to more issues being necessary, or fewer issues being acceptable
enough "screentime" that enough can be inferred about the character without having to resort to more than 60% headcanon

Exceptions may apply depending upon the pace of canon, release schedules, and/or the circumstances of the character in question. If you are unclear about a character or canon, please feel free to contact us.

Can I apply for a character that is dead in canon?
Yes. They will be resurrected upon arrival or returned to a functional state of living if brought in moments before their death.

I'd like my character to come in with some of their items from canon. Can I do that?
Yes you can! Items that are independently powerful (e.g. a magical staff, a powersuit, etc.) will take up one power slot, but your character may come in with as many mundane objects that would be on their person. If you're unsure as to whether an item counts as mundane or independently powerful, just include it on your application to be safe.

How many characters can I play?
Technically you can play as many as you can handle and make activity for, but we will request proof of your activity levels after a fourth character and may cap any players at that limit if their activity is consistently low.

Is there any sort of limitation on re-apping?
1) Players cannot re-app the following month if they idled out or failed the AC round. 2) The reapplication process follows our standard app processing rules. 3) If your character had been in game for a lengthy period and has gone through any changes/development, provide us brief details of this development.

You're free to adjust your samples to reflect your character's return and memories of the setting if you wish!

What are the game's activity requirements?
We ask all players to prove two forms of activity per month. A single proof is one of the following:

If a log is marked as !activity exemption, you may provide both proofs from the same log. This tag may only be used by moderators or with moderator permission.

The minimum requirements must be met during the month from 12:00 AM EST the 1st to 11:59 PM EST the 30th/31st. Threads that were posted during a previous month and run into the present month do not count towards AC. Threads that run into following month also do not count unless they have already met the requirements prior to the month's conclusion. This also means they will not count toward the following AC round.

If your character is on Activity Warning Status, they will need three proofs, rather than two. You may request a strike if you fail to provide AC or fall short of the requirements during a month. Being on a hiatus does not exempt players from providing AC for the character they have taken a strike for. Outside of emergencies or other crises, we will not allow an exemption to be made. Players cannot request two strikes in a row.

Activity Check is posted the 1st of every month and runs until 12:01 AM EST on the 8th of the same month. During this period players are responsible for and are to submit their own proofs of AC. There is also a Warning List post, listing those who have yet to reply with their proofs, posted a day prior to AC concluding.

All players must comment to AC. The following are exempted from providing AC for the month under the following conditions, but are still obligated to respond to the post to let the mods know:
  • Characters admitted into the game after the 15th of the month.
  • Characters who were on consecutive full hiatuses for at least 7 days within the calendar month.
  • Characters whose players are intending to drop, but have not responded to the Drop post or otherwise informed the mods. (In this case, we do ask that players make use of the Drop post to let both mods and help staff know as well.)
  • Exemptions granted under extenuating circumstances or emergencies.

The following conditions do not qualify for an exemption from/count toward AC:
  • Interactions with mod NPCs.
  • Submitting two or three proofs of AC that are threaded opposite the same one character.
  • Two or more threads within the same post or log for one character submitted as two separate proofs. If a player plays multiple characters in game, they may submit one qualifying thread per character as proof from the same log.
  • Semi-hiatuses.
  • Hiatuses that have not been officially noted on the Hiatus page.
  • Having proofs of qualifying AC that does not fall under the current AC window (anything from a post/log made before or after the current AC month).
  • Submitting multiple proofs of AC that do not meet the minimum thread requirements to be combined and counted toward AC.

Failure to reply to AC entirely will result in characters being auto-dropped from the game without exception. If a player is having difficulty meeting these deadlines and if they have qualifying proofs of AC, they may ask another player to submit for them before the deadline, though they must contact the mods to let us know in advance and so they can be given permission to do so. Players who have not met AC and are aware they will not be able to do so are asked to contact the mods at least 72 hours before AC has been posted. Unless under extenuating situations or emergencies, we do not grant exemptions.

How long can I hiatus for?
You can hiatus for a maximum of one month. If there are extenuating circumstances and you wish to request an extension, please speak to the mods.

IC day / OOC day ratio?
The IC/OOC time ratio is 1 = 1; real time! However, backward and forward-dating will of course be allowed as long as it's within reason.

getting started (ic)
What happens when my character arrives?
They're marked with a digital tattoo on their wrist -- invisible in the light but it glows in darkness -- before they're ushered out of the building, given a debriefing on their situation, the story behind their new tattoos and the nanites, a PAMPHLET to aid them in acclimating to their new environment (this is purely optional -- if there is information players wish their characters to learn as they explore their surroundings that is left at their discretion), as well as a file folder that contains a sparse profile on them: Name, powers (new or familiar), medical history, their new job, and their new address. They're escorted in a car to their new home which is located in the town of Heropa, still in Florida, about a 20 minute drive from the base.

At monthly intervals, characters will attend a Swearing In ceremony that will act as the introductory mingle log to welcome new characters and ICly serve the function of allowing characters to pledge their loyalty to the military and remain (as is the default) "Registered", to reject a military/government allegiance and thus become labelled "Unsettled," or to simply indulge in the splendor of the event and greet new arrivals.

Can you tell me more about these files? What sort of biographical information is mentioned in it?
As stated above, it is a very sparse profile and certain information, such as their previous work history or medical health information that may be pertinent. We leave the latter information up to player discretion if their preference is to not out their character so soon upon arrival. It does not contain detailed background history.

My character has a secret/dual identity. Does the file contain this? Does the government know?
It does and they do. However, they will not be releasing this information.

My character has a power they are not aware of in their canon. Is this mentioned in their file?
It is mentioned, yes, but we leave it up to player discretion how thorough the file goes into the ability or of course if your character reads their file or simply skims it.

Similarly, my character has a power in their canon that has not been clarified.
Same as above! It may be clarified if the player chooses to.

My character doesn't like their job/want a job, what then?
Characters are not required to keep the jobs they're assigned to on arrival, but if they opt not to then they're on their own as far as finding a source of income. Registered and undecided imPorts will receive a small weekly amount of $75 to assist in but not fully cover living costs. They can apply and find jobs elsewhere, they just obviously won't be as guaranteed; it's the difference between being handed a job vs. venturing out uncertainly into the job market.

Point taken. What kind of jobs are they given?
Characters will be given jobs that do suit their skills and abilities, not just crummy retail; for example if your character is an accountant, they can easily resume their practice. When possible, they will be given jobs with player-established companies to allow for CR opportunities and take advantage of what already exists in-game, but otherwise their jobs will be with NPC organizations of various functions. This jobs will not all be located in Florida, so some characters will be required to commute.

Commute to where?
Besides Heropa, Florida, there are three other cities along the East Coast that the military is similarly occupying: Nonah, North Carolina; De Chima, Virgina, and Maurtia Falls, Pennsylvania. Characters can be sent to any of these locations either on military assignment or for work; the government has Porter technology to instantaneously transport characters back and forth for any of these purposes, but if a character is still inconvenienced by their commute or prefer the other location they are allowed to move to their city of employment. Only Registered imPorts have free clearance to use the Porters whenever they'd like to or without specific permission.

So characters can move?
Yes. If characters move to any of the three other occupied cities, the benefits they receive from the military -- free housing, free health care, employment, government sanction for hero activities -- will carry over and continue in their new location, even if they move just because they feel like it and not for job reasons. If a character wishes to move someplace else they are free to do so and will not be stopped, but their benefits will stop and they will be left to their own devices for housing, jobs, protection, and so forth. It's a matter of what's most important, comfortable, and convenient to them! Characters are also allowed to move between assigned housing in the event they would like to move in with friends, family, or loved ones, though we ask you give us notice on the housing & jobs post if your character will be moving (or changing jobs), regardless of where!

My character doesn't want to be/can't be housed with others. Where do/can they live?
Characters who would prefer or are unable to be housed with others will be set up in an apartment, once again provided by the government for as long as they choose to remain. These apartments come with the necessary appliances and furnishing, but they will only have two bedrooms as opposed to the five in a shared housing complex.

These apartments are located toward the edge of the government housing area in each Porter city, with indoor parking for any imPorts with vehicles. ImPorts do not pay rent, of course, but they will be fined if they damage the complex in any way. There are eight rooms per floor, an elevator and staircase to reach each level, and a large pool out back for anyone to take a dip in. Cleaning of the pool, gardening and any yard work, and all other maintenance is done by the locals employed by the city.

My character wants to start their own business/company/practice. Can I do that?
By all means. Be realistic-ish about how soon they could get it going and turn a profit (let alone become a success); while of course it won't have to take years, a week is still pushing it -- give it at least a couple of months. That said, we encourage pro-activity and won't micromanage your efforts.

My character is involved in law enforcement (police, lawyer, etc.), what should I know about the in-game legal system?
The in-game legal system is almost identical to the real world legal system, with some exceptions. Police and government-affiliated heroes both work together although the latter tends to handle "bigger" cases and crimes, particularly those that involve fellow imPorts or supervillains (people with means and/or powers). Government heroes may occasionally be offered the "At large" blotter as an assignment so that vigilantes and criminals/villains alike may be pursued. For imPorts only, the sentencing system for prisons and hospitals has been adjusted to allot for four months within a rehabilitation, cooperating with a rigorous rehabilitation regimen, followed by their release and then a year of strict monitoring by the government. Further criminal infractions during this period may result in further punitive measures.

My character is very proactive. How easy is it to engage with and affect the plot?
Very. For every aspect of modplot there will be an OOC info post that allows for sign-ups, questions, and plotting amongst one another; each of these posts will detail the ways characters can or should be involved and to what end certain types of involvement will pay off. Each chapter of plot, similarly, will be resolved depending on what actions and involvement players and characters pursue.

What about communicators? How do characters stay in touch?
Characters will upon arrival be given communicators -- much like iPhones, in appearance and general function -- and be told how to use them by their escort, and they will function similarly to how you can by now except a communicator to function... with one exception. In addition to the traditional manual network posting, characters will also be granted the means to access the network mentally, allowed by their digital tattoos (which will act as the access code/wifi signal, so to speak); this will allow a character to deliberately call up the network in their mind in a way similarly to bluetooth/picture-in-picture way (only visible to them, obviously) and thus allow a more convenient -- for some -- means of staying connected.

Can my character hack the communicator?
Yes, they may if they are capable of doing so or if someone with the skill set does it for them. They may choose to go anonymous or use a different name when accessing the network, either to maintain dual identities or simply because they don't want to give out their name!

What happens if a character loses their communicator, or has it taken away by another character? Can they get a replacement?
Yes, imPorts may get a replacement! The process should take no less than a day and they will need to fill out a quick form with someone at the Cape Canaveral base. Once filled out, they can receive a replacement on base or have a soldier deliver one personally to their residence.

Is my character's ID automatically printed as they post to the network? Can they post anonymously?
By default, characters' civilian ID is printed alongside whatever they post on the network. If your character is tech savvy - or gets someone tech savvy to do it for them - they may change their ID to read as something else or post anonymously.

If a character is injured at their current pull point when ported into the game, do the wounds heal? Are they provided medical assistance?
They would, yes! Depending on the severity of the injury there is some flexibility for how entirely a character can be healed, depending on player preference, but wounds needing treatment would be healed and/or tended to by medics on base. If the injury is grievous or life threatening, they will immediately be transported to one of the major hospitals in a different city and receive treatment there. In these cases, characters, Registered or Unsettled, will not be required to pay the medical bills.

Can my character be ported in with a pet?
Provided the pet is non-sentient, they can be. Pets with special abilities or of particularly large sizes are allowable but will take up one power slot, but normal, smaller pets can be brought in without that stipulation.

superpowers, heroism, and you
What's all this about powers?
Mask or Menace is a comics-themed game; comics means superheroes, and superheroes means superpowers. If your character already possesses a superpower, or are capable of something an ordinary real-world human isn't, chances are they'll keep it. And if they don't? Well, never fear -- they'll get powers on arrival! So even your everyday businessmen and slice-of-life teenagers are in the running! The Porter has a nasty habit of messing with powers, and that works both ways. Demigods may enter with less than they're used to, and normal folks land with a skill or two they might not have had before. It could be something earth-shattering and life-changing, or it could be the most mundane supernatural ability to ever be discovered. It all depends on you!

Does my character know this?
Yes. If your character already had powers, chances are they will remain unchanged unless they are powerful enough to require some additional limitations upon acceptance; regardless, the file your character is handed on the drive to their new home will describe to them their powers whether new, old, or adjusted upon entry.

What about non-human characters? What happens to them?
By default, nonhuman characters -- be they fluffy, scaly, made of metal, or so forth -- are transformed upon arrival and given squishy human bodies to call their own, modeled as similarly as possible to the one they left behind. However, if a player wants to keep their non-human character non-human, that's possible too! If the character has a way to appear as/be disguised as a human, they may well be left unchanged by the Porter. If they don't, one of their superpower slots will be sacrificed to either "ability to transform to and from a human form," or simply "is [whatever they were before]."

City-straddling giants or other implausibly large characters would require some scaling down, however; the Cape Canaveral base is just not large enough to accommodate the arrival of a fully grown Godzilla.

In what ways are powers limited?
Anyone with godly power levels or too many skills will find themselves limited in some way or another. Presently the current cap on powers is three distinct "umbrellas," though this is subject to modification based on how darn powerful any one happens to be.

registration, vigilantism, and everything in between
My character is Registered. What does that mean for them?
Registration comes with a whole host of perks! As fully fledged American citizens, Registered imPorts can use their tattoos as passports to cross the border into allied territories. They're eligible for several scholarships should they wish to pursue higher education, and they are guaranteed both housing and employment, provided they stay in imPorts cities. They will be able to use Porters without question, and will be able to cross state borders without being stopped and investigated. Additionally, they will receive a $75 bonus in their weekly stipend.

My character is Unsettled. What does that mean for them?
Mostly, a character being unsettled means that they do not gain all the perks above. They are unable to exit America's borders legally - and if they do, their tattoos will automatically change to AWOL - they will not receive any payment from the government, and their housing nor their jobs will be guaranteed to them. While they will be able to use the Porter, they will have to fill out paperwork regarding their reasoning - whether it's employment or educational purposes or simply by virtue of having friends in other Porter cities - and will undergo a check much like what one would expect from customs at an airport every time they use it. These checks will be slackened should the Unregistered imPort be accompanied by a Registered imPort. Lastly, Unregistered imPorts will be stopped at each state border and will undergo questioning as to the reasoning behind their travel, and may have their belongings searched.

How does my character become labeled as a Criminal? What does this title mean for them?
In order to be labeled as a Criminal, an imPort must first commit a crime and be caught and prosecuted for this crime. Please see the PRISON & PROBATION page for your character to be assigned a probational officer. Typically, Criminals will be assigned a probation officer and a power nullifying anklet or bracelet. They will not be able to use the Porter unaccompanied by their probation officer, nor do they receive any of the benefits that Registered imPorts receive.

My character is a Vigilante. What does this mean for them?
Characters who receive the Vigilante tattoos will, for the most part, experience life in much the same way as Unsettled characters. As they have yet to be caught - in which case they would be labeled as Criminals - they technically have free movement, but can be expected to undergo a much more strict investigation process whenever using the Porter or crossing any State borders. They will be restricted from gaining access to government jobs - such as policework - and will generally be underneath close scrutiny.

Isn't heroism illegal? How does that work?
Heroism in the way that's synonymous with "vigilantism" is illegal, yes, but there are ways to "hero" legally, too. Under the law, the breakdown is simple; if you are government-affiliated, you're sanctioned and legal, and if you aren't, you aren't. That's not to say vigilantes can't get things done! Just that there will always be the chance of arrest or apprehension, should a hero be Unsettled/unregistered. We recommend players of vigilantes (or villains) and Registered heroes alike stay in communication to provide ease and compromise to this dichotomy.

What's the benefit to working with the government vs. going off on your own?
As mentioned elsewhere, the benefit boils down to both the legality of how you fight crime and make your "hero" mark, and the literal benefits that the government grants you for doing so: free housing, food, free health care, a guaranteed job, and government protection, though any hero is allowed to turn one or more of these things down and still be considered Registered.

What are the government-provided housing and benefits like?
The housing differs slightly within each city, but characters can expect to live in a two-story house or townhouse with space enough for five adults (five bedrooms, five bathrooms), a full kitchen, and in some cases, a small yard. Pretty nice! It's free, and characters may even request to have a monthly cleaning service come by, also on the government's dime. This in of itself is one of the benefits being a Registered hero grants you, but the others include steady employment, free health care, immediate access to set-up bank accounts, and government protection both in civilian life and hero life.

My character is Unsettled. Do they get benefits?
Nope. Sorry! They are allowed to keep the jobs the government set them up with and they may remain within government housing for as long as they would like. The government may have preferred they registered, but they certainly aren't going to boot universally displaced people out onto the streets! If a character chooses to leave their job to pursue another one, they're largely on their own in finding employment as opposed to if they were registered and they will have to pay their own medical expenses, but if requested they would be provided assistance. They will also have to open their own bank accounts in person.

My character is Unsettled, but I want them to keep their job. Can they do that?
Yes! We largely leave characters' occupations up to player discretion. For example, if a genius scientist is assigned to a job in the industry of his or her specialty, while they may be put on probation for the first few weeks on the job, if they are adequate enough at their position their employers have no reason to get rid of them. If an Unsettled imPort is placed at a job that is wholly unsuited for them, however, then their employer may take advantage of this probationary period to terminate their employment prematurely. Players are free to play this out as they wish!

What's the story with the tattoos?
The tattoos are a way for the government to keep track of how many imPorts they pull in, how to reach them in a crisis, and how many are registered, although they cannot locate people through them. The tattoos manifest upon the skin regardless of species or ability; when characters are pulled in through the Porter they are given an intravenous dosage of nanites that show through the skin and rearrange according to the character's standing with the government. Certain changes are registered in the government systems automatically, allowing said changes to manifest in the tattoo readings, but the only ones the government can actually see with a character's name attached are UNSETTLED and AWOL. All other changes register only that a change was made to someone, but not to whom.

How do the tattoos change?
Once a character has sworn allegiance, their tattoo will automatically read REGISTERED. Similarly, if a character chooses not to register, their tattoo will read UNSETTLED. Those still mulling over it will have REGISTERED printed until they finalize their decision.

Registered characters' tattoos now count as American passports. While Communist-affiliated countries are still off-limits, travelling to other countries will no longer automatically count as being AWOL. If your character is Unsettled, a Criminal, or a Vigilante, however, leaving will still count as being AWOL, and their tattoo will change accordingly.

VIGILANTE status is invoked when a character who is declared UNSETTLED is witnessed or caught in some fashion in the act of vigilantism, even if they are not necessarily identified. The change is dependent upon the combination of a mental impulse and exposure within a certain distance to police equipment, but it is less a deliberated change than, say, CRIMINAL which requires an arrest or resist to arrest first to change.

My character has teleportation powers. If they teleport outside of US borders as an Unsettled imPort, will they still be labeled as AWOL?
Yes. If they do so for a very short amount of time that can conceivably be counted as an accident, they won't be labeled as AWOL right away, but the government tracks imPorts through nanites rather than through border patrol; being labeled as AWOL will be an automatic process.

My character is Unsettled/AWOL but wants to re-register. What is the process for that?
Since one (of many) of the intended effects in adding more restrictions to Unsettled/non-Registered imPorts is to convince any that fall into one of those categories to register, if they approach a military official at the Cape Canaveral base or during a Swear-In ceremony and state they would like to register, they will be allowed to do and effectively "wipe their slate clean" as far as that past record goes.

My character isn't Registered. Does that mean that they lose access to government housing?
Technically speaking, the Registered characters living in government housing have the legal ability to kick out any Unsettled characters simply because being Unsettled, they are no longer obligated to free housing. In practice, the government doesn't evict any character from government housing, and characters are free to spend as much time there as they like.

My character isn't Registered, but they want to use the Porter. How can they go about doing this?

hey do not have to get permission every time they need to use the Porter! They will have to fill out some paperwork about why they intend to use the Porter - employment opportunities, friends or family in the other Porter cities, etc. - and being accepted is a fairly simple process. They will be denied if they are under Criminal status, or are acting suspiciously or aggressively at the Porter. They will, however, need to be checked at the gate every time they use the Porter, similar to how people are generally checked before they get on an airplane.

An unregistered imPort may use the Porter if accompanied by a Registered imPort.

the world
So the world is basically like the real world?
Yes and no; it's not exact but very similar. Looking at a world map will turn up extremely similar geography to the world as we know it, although there may be discrepancies here and there where it comes to countries and cities. The United States, for instance, has several cities that do not exist in our world, including the city characters are shipped to after their arrival in Cape Canaveral. The reboot at its onset is set in 2015 and time will continue to pass as it would in real life (allowances made for back- and forward-dating); the months, years, and holidays will be the same, and the hours pass according to EST.

Compared to the real world it may be a little jarring the way this one seems like the 50s and the future had a baby. It's nothing as drastic as the Jetsons, but cars that don't look like models more recent than 1965 come in both "standard" and "hover," phone booths are back in vogue, and you can sync your iPod to any barroom jukebox. Social politics are at a level of equality beyond what either era can boast; minority prejudices normally associated with the 50s or even the present are not issues here, more or less. Not to say they don't exist at all, but things are at least much better!

History is similar but not the same. More details can be found here.

How close of an analogue is it? Do things like weather or current events translate over into game?
No. Similarities aside, the universe is still a fictional one and separate from our own; real life weather patterns may be used for inspiration but there is no direct correlation aside from the location. Real world current events may not under any circumstance be used for in-game plots, and any player plots submitted that parallel current events even vaguely will be judged on a careful case-by-case basis.

What is the political situation?
Politicians and world leaders, US or otherwise, are fictional in this universe, although their counterparts maintain similar political views. The political situation in the United States is not terribly different from our own, except that the international situation is entirely Cold War-focused, given that in this universe, the Cold War still has not ended. Tensions between the US and the USSR run high, yes, but there are no wars currently active... however, one can infer by the United States pulling imPort heroes back into play that war may soon be on the horizon.

What about the economy?
The economy is stable, even booming. Prices are low and wages are high.

What is the role of imPorts here? Are they liked/disliked/known about?
ImPorts are well-known and well-received by society here, and the fact imPorts are making a comeback is something many native civilians will be happy or even excited about. Sure, some may be resentful, but that's only as incidental as cynicism and opinion can be on an individual basis; by and large, they're loved. Civilians don't know the exact whys of imPorts are being brought back in again now (that's where the government secrets come in), although they can assume as anyone might that it's time again for the rise of the hero.

What is the Líf Foundation?
The Líf Foundation is a nativeborn organization that promotes a philosophy of the individual. Led by the charismatic Peter Narga, the Líf Foundation advocates a lifestyle of personal realization and preaches in favor of the power of the individual's rights. While protected under the First Amendment, this group has proven to be highly critical of their militant government. The Foundation is noted for its charitable endeavors of rehabilitating and reestablishing the most vulnerable of society, and in the past has assisted the first wave of imPorts in their universal adaptation. Rumor has it that the Líf Foundation spun funds for anti-government vigilantes, back during the rising conflict.

Wait, is Vulcanus is still around?
Yes and no. Vulcanus the villainous organization, as former [community profile] capeandcowl players may know it, doesn't appear to. Rather, characters may hear of Vulcanus the non-profit organization whose focus is making preventive medicine accessible and finding suitable housing for those in need. Nothing to worry about, right?

What about the three Fates? Lachesis, Clotho, Atropos? What became of them after [community profile] capeandcowl ended?
They're represented multiple times within this world, their presence carrying over even here, but most apparently and physically within the three other cities the military is occupying -- Nonah, De Chima, and Maurtia Falls.

My character doesn't speak English. How are language barriers handled?
The communicators, be they accessed manually or mentally, have translation features that will activate automatically in the event of a language barrier. They can be disabled if two characters wish to communicate in another language, as well, although we ask that players do not type conversations out in other languages but instead simply note OOCly that another language is being spoken.

My character is 21 or older and wants to enroll in school!
They are free to do so.

My character would like to attend a post-secondary school. Is that possible? How will they afford it?
Yes, it is possible! They will be asked to be able to pass an entrance exam first in order to confirm that they have an American high-school level education. If your character is Unsettled, the finances to attend college will be entirely up to them. If your character is Registered, however, they will be able to request a scholarship from the government.

My character has a canonly "young" appearance, but in actuality is much, much older. Would they still be enrolled in school?

My character is a minor and was automatically enrolled in school. Will there be any adverse consequences to them dropping out?
No, there will not be! Whether or not your character remains in school is entirely up to them. They may be contacted by the school requesting their attendance, but no legal action would be taken.

Can my character buy land and/or property?
ImPorts must qualify for the following AS THE GAME ATMOSPHERE STANDS (meaning this is subject to change in the long run):

1) If the imPort does not seek legal justification (and thus must have legal counsel), the imPort must be Registered (for the sake of property rights).
2) Must be able to afford the property (which would depend on the location and expanse of said property). If the imPort has been in game for at least four months, it's safe to assume the have some substantial funding. If not, then Registered imPorts may apply for loans after having spent some time in game (eight to ten weeks is substantial).

What about transportation?
Hovercyles/hoverbikes/hovervespas are in-game canon, and can be purchased. Registered imPorts will be guaranteed a loan to pay for it.

My character can see/talk to/channel ghosts or spirits, is it possible to do this here?
Yes, although we request that players submit this to us through the plot post so we can at the time provide whatever details may be necessary for said interaction.

My character requires blood, human body parts or organs, or other canon-specific sources of sustenance. Can this be provided for them in game?
For vampiric characters, synthetic blood supplements are available in supply via local clinics or they may obtain them directly from the military. Characters who require human meat could receive synthetic meat from the military, as providing human meat would be highly unethical. Another alternative is being provided corpses that had been donated to science, but did not meet their required standards.
As for other sources of sustenance, the military can attempt replicating what the character needs to some degree!

What about these other cities? What is their importance?
Each of these cities are plot relevant in ways that will be uncovered over time, and there are benefits to exploring them. Each city has different draws and appeals (as well as cons) and characters are welcome to, if not move, simply visit and have a good time! Or a serious time, their choice. You can refer to this post for more details.

How about the rest of the world? Can characters leave the country?
Registered characters' tattoos now count as American passports. While Communist-affiliated countries are still off-limits, travelling to other countries will no longer automatically count as being AWOL. If your character is Unsettled, a Criminal, or a Vigilante, however, leaving will still count as being AWOL, and their tattoo will change accordingly.

Is the information on the history page regarding the events featuring the first wave of imPorts accessible in the setting?
While certain records have been sealed away, yes, the history there is 100% accessible! That's basically the story as is on the record, the history books, and so forth. Most native heroes are retired, although future plot will delve more into if there are any still active, but under the radar presently. You can assume whatever information that is not included on that page or has not been revealed otherwise in game is not known or not accessible.

What are the in-game prisons like and how do they accommodate imPort powers?
In-game prisons are built similarly to regular prisons, although the imPort prisons have power dampeners within the walls that work off of the Porter's radiation to nullify the abilities of anyone in the vicinity marked as CRIMINAL. ImPorts are still allowed their communicators but the ability to make a conversation private or encrypted will be disabled for the duration of their sentence. NOTE: Currently Heropa's imPort prison has been demolished as the result of a domestic terrorist attack.

Wait, if there's no prison, how are offenders dealt with?
The government has taken the opportunity to implement a change in its judicial and rehabilitation system. ImPorts who are convicted of crimes they committed will no longer serve their sentences from the confinements of a prison unless they request confinement within government premises. Instead, these imPorts will be given a two month community sentence to complete and will be assigned a Registered imPort to act as their probation officer for the duration of it. Criminals will be required to check in with these Registered imPorts daily to determine if they are fulfilling their probational obligations and to ensure they are not breaking any of the terms of their probation.

Can you explain how this works OOCly?
This new system functions primarily on the OOC basis of players volunteering their Registered characters, rather than IC volunteering. However, IC willingness can and will factor into this system to an extent. Players interested in having their characters tasked with the duties of an imPort probation officer may sign them up in this thread below. Characters who are serving time will need to respond here.

The mods will then randomly pair up Criminal and Registered status imPorts. This is to create brand new CR opportunities for players, although they are free to request a specific Registered character if they have received the player's permission and/or plotted together in advance.

I'd like to sign up my Registered character to act as a probational officer. What do those duties entail?
Registered imPorts acting as probational officers will be tasked and responsible for:
  • Intensive supervision of the offenders they are assigned to. They will be given a record book in which they are to write down what imPort offenders are up to, if they are keeping up with their community service, reintegrating with the community properly, or if they are observing problematic behaviour.
  • Ensuring offenders are not breaking their curfew, which is at 10PM from Monday to Sunday, exceptions granted for Swear-Ins and other government or military functions.
  • Ensuring offenders are not purchasing and/or consuming illegal substances.
  • Attending court with them near the end of their sentence, sometimes to testify about the notes taken, and/or recommendations made by the Registered imPort. This is to determine if the Criminal imPort has completed their community service and if they should be released. As a note, Criminals will be released after the two months, but if the Criminal and Registered imPort players want to play around with a possible extended service due to their characters not getting along, or disobeying the terms of their probation, feel free!
  • However, if a Criminal imPort they are supervising violates any of the terms of their probation or commits a crime, the Registered imPort will be held partially responsible and face appropriate consequences, which will vary depending on the severity of the infractions.

Registered imPorts will not be paid for their service; it's a volunteer system, after all!

the government and military
Why has my character been brought here?
To be heroes! Or so they'll be told. There may be some speculation that the return of imPorts suggest a plan on the US military's part to go to war sometime in the near future, but they will not address such rumors.

Is the military good or bad? Should my character trust them?
Is any military good or bad? It is up to your characters whether or not to trust them, take them at their word, or work with them, but rest assured more will be known about the sincerity of their motivations in time.

Will they be interacting with characters as NPCs? How frequently?
Yes, and as frequently as needed to further plot and story along. The government plays a big role in game, obviously, but their part will be not be an invasive one. Simply "as needed." This goes for all NPCs, government or non-government affiliated. Please note that NPC interactions will not count toward Activity Check.

Can they be contacted independently of plots or their posts?

So what exactly are these "assignments?"
Assignments are missions characters get sent by the government to perform. OOCly, a post will go up at the beginning of each month with a list of mini-events they can sign up for, and depending on the scope of the assignment they will either perform it solo or be randomly assigned a group of other characters to perform it with. Each assignment serves a different plot function, some big or some small, and essentially give players and characters ways to further the story and investigate on their own in between larger plots.

Are they optional?
They are optional, yes.

Are there negative consequences to failing or going against an assignment? What are they?
It varies depending on the assignment. Failing an assignment does not hold consequences, per se, although a failed assignment will be recycled into the next month to ensure it gets completed. Characters that repeatedly fail assignments may be spoken to by an NPC out of concern for their performance. Going against an assignment does have consequences; done once, a character will receive an official reprimand from Captain Holiday. Done more than once, a character's status will alter itself from REGISTERED HERO to UNSETTLED and they will be ineligible to officially sign up for any subsequent missions. (They may however unofficially tag along.)

leaving (on a jetplane)
What happens if my character dies?
Good question: a few things. If your character dies they can be resurrected, and the military in fact has technology that can do so; characters that die will be resurrected within 12 to 72 hours by the nanites in their bodies. However, the resurrection technology requires a particular element called continuum for fuel, and due to the unstable nature of this element the military can only hold so much at a time. When assignments are held, one characters may receive will be to collect more continuum to ensure all imPorts, regardless of status, can be resurrected in a timely fashion should they die, although only registered heroes will be considered for this assignment. Unsettled heroes, vigilantes, and/or villains who are interested in collecting the material for themselves will need to steal or attempt to replicate this technology; this can easily be requested OOCly on the plotting post.

So, what exactly happens during the death process?
If an imPort dies, nothing out of the ordinary happens to their body; they're a corpse, just like a civilian would be. The nanites can take anywhere between 12 to 72 hours to disperse themselves throughout the body and begin to "repair" it, meaning someone could stay dead for over 12 hours only to find themselves awakening already buried… so be careful! To be resurrected once means an imPort will awaken and find their body more or less intact, with any damages (particularly any fatal ones) healed or still healing. The nanites in the tattoo will function as normal, but in order to have the power required to bring someone back, they will have replicated themselves within the body and these extra nanites aren't going anywhere. They are relatively harmless, and will not be disruptive -- imPorts may find themselves healing a little faster than normal from illness or injury, but that's about it. ImPort powers, after death, will take from 24 hours to a week to return to normal function.

It's when an imPort dies more than once that they will start running into difficulties. The process will be the same, more or less, except the nanites will have replicated themselves even further and begin monitoring the body as a precaution, assisting muscle repair and healing even further and assisting organ function. On the surface this will appear to be beneficial, because the nanites' assistance will mean what appears to be above average organ performance, but what it will actually result in is the body's slow reliance on the nanite function, meaning the organs and body systems themselves will begin doing less work. This can/will eventually result in organ failure and power abnormalities/malfunctions depending on how mandatory that'll be.

Other issues characters may encounter, but we leave up to player discretion, is the nanites attempting to repair canon/old injuries that have long healed over time. For example, if a character missing a limb dies a repeated number of times and is brought back via nanites, the nanites may begin an attempt at healing the area, only for characters to experience phantom pain related to the limb or the area of the wound.

The military can treat this, but it will still be a painful and lengthy process. The treatment itself to remove the excess nanites and get the body functioning itself again will take about three weeks or longer, depending on the extent of damage done by the time the problem is discovered.

What happens to my character if I hiatus? Or drop?
If you hiatus you may choose whether or not to "autopilot" your character for the duration, or port them out; porting out or dropping a character manifests ICly as a Porter glitch. That simple! When they are ported out, temporarily or permanently, their ID on the network goes offline.

How are canon/power updates handled?
It requires mod clearance and a minimum port-out time of 24 hours. Port outs for canon/power updates also occur due to Porter glitching.

need to know
Does my character's canon exist in-game?
Nope. Well, it did, but it disappeared upon your character entering the game.

Can it come back?
Not as long as someone from that canon remains in-game. Since this world is prepared for imPort presence, though, they have contingency systems already secured when it comes to media, and can have any given canon back on the market a month following anyone from it leaving this universe.

What is the policy on fourth-walling?
Our official game policy is don't have your character fourth-wall anyone without getting their permission first. Characters that break the fourth-wall and thus might know they're in a game are allowed to do so but we ask they keep it to a minimum and still ask permission before imposing it on other players.

I used to play here and had to drop, but would like to re-apply for the same character! Can I reuse my same application/link to my old posts or logs in lieu of samples?
Perfectly fine! If you have played the same character previously in [community profile] maskormenace you may re-use your application, although bear in mind it may still be subject to revisions, especially if we requested revisions previously and the re-submitted application does not reflect those changes. You may link to previous in-game logs or posts in lieu of samples.

May I substitute one of the samples on the application with a link to the game's test drive? May I use a link from a previous month?
As long as it's within the game's setting, yes and yes!

Is there any restriction or required waiting period regarding newly released canon/material?
No, there are no required waiting periods between brand new canons and you are free to reserve and apply for the character any time you choose as long as they have enough canon to qualify by our appable canon minimum. If it is a canon others have yet to experience (due to regional releases or other reasons), it may be wise to set up a permissions/spoilers opt-out post that way other players who have not been able to view or read the new material and wish to avoid spoilers.

On application caps:
As of March 2015, we have instituted an application cap limited to 35 applications per cycle. Only potential applicants who have reserved a character may apply during the cycle. Applicants who have not reserved and submit an app will not have theirs processed unless it is determined that the number of slots will not fill before the cycle closes. We will then open the remaining slots to unreserved applicants who wish to submit an app as well. Once we have hit the 35 limit, we will not be accepting any more applications during the cycle.


(Anonymous) 2014-01-15 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! I was wondering how the non-human rule would be applied to a common Earth animal, such as a dog? Would they be allowed to remain a dog but be required to use a power slot to be able to communicate with regular humans?

(Anonymous) 2014-01-16 07:57 am (UTC)(link)
hello mods! the post with the differences in our history and the game's history was super helpful, but are there any pop cultural differences between our 2014 and the 2014 of the game? things along the lines of super-popular movie franchises that made a gazillion dollars and spawned a million spinoffs/parodies/a broadway musical, propaganda cartoons a la disney in wwii... or instead of american football, we all watch what the rest of the world calls football instead.

(i'll be honest and say that i'm mostly interested in the sports answer, just because i'm looking at apping a character for whom sports are Super Relevant, but i figured i'd broaden the question just in case it helps someone else as well!)

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2014-01-16 08:09 (UTC) - Expand

(Anonymous) 2014-01-25 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
Since choosing between being a "registered" and "unsettled" hero is by choice, and vigilantes and villains is decided by action, could a potentially sneaky villain register themself as a hero and plan for betrayal later?
earnedmystripes: (Default)

[personal profile] earnedmystripes 2014-01-27 11:09 am (UTC)(link)
if a character is injured at the time they're being pulled from, would they be healed upon arrival?

also, is there a means for items to come in from a character's home universe?

(no subject)

[personal profile] earnedmystripes - 2014-01-27 23:07 (UTC) - Expand
halfa_hero: (Headscratch)

[personal profile] halfa_hero 2014-01-31 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Would doing rescue work like pulling people out of burning buildings and helping out during natural disasters cause the tattle to register someone as a vigilante?

(no subject)

[personal profile] halfa_hero - 2014-01-31 20:13 (UTC) - Expand
wisecracked: (Default)

[personal profile] wisecracked 2014-02-01 10:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Where would the tattoo show up if the character in question doesn't have hands or even arms for it to appear on?

Also, when a character is 'ported out for a canon update they reappear back at the 'porter, correct?

(no subject)

[personal profile] wisecracked - 2014-02-01 23:32 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] wisecracked - 2014-02-01 23:41 (UTC) - Expand
beastofasister: (will guide us through the trouble times)

[personal profile] beastofasister 2014-02-02 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Hello, mods! The character I am considering apping is in one of those ones that is a bit tricky to place in terms of appability, so I was hoping you could weigh in.

Basically, the original canon she appeared in was a 12 minute OVA, which... would obviously leave a lot of things unanswered! However, the animation came bundled with an extended script that included more scenes and more dialogue, as well as character profiles and other expanded plot, characterization, and backstory details. A later release included discarded storyboards, too, which displayed more body language and so.

Additionally, since the release of the original OVA, more canon has been released as well. Some of it is gag or semi-gag material, but there's also a prequel light novel that focuses largely on the character I'd like to app! I hasn't been fully translated, but I have detailed plot info at my disposal. The arc focusing on my character is complete now, too, so there probably won't be any major reveals about her in the future.

Basically, I have a character that exists in one of those "enough canon" gray areas, and I was wondering what your verdict would be! She has a fully fleshed out backstory but not a large amount of screentime, so.

(no subject)

[personal profile] beastofasister - 2014-02-02 04:45 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] beastofasister - 2014-02-04 00:39 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] beastofasister - 2014-02-04 00:54 (UTC) - Expand

(Anonymous) 2014-02-10 01:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Question on hacking. How heavily does the setting rely on technology? Like for example, my character is an avid hacker, and rather than getting a job legally, they would be more likely to skim credit card numbers, etc. Would this still be a possibility in here?
oftheplains: (listening)

[personal profile] oftheplains 2014-02-11 09:42 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I've got a question about the limitations on characters' powers. Would Storm's mutation be okay as is, or is "control over weather" too broad a description? Would I instead have to separate it into separate umbrellas of abilities?
ifnotloyal: (08 > yeah well you tell her that)

[personal profile] ifnotloyal 2014-02-12 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Something I should probably figure out before doing anything else: would Ace, being an animal, still be able to understand/speak with other animals or should they going to be off limits in a kind of "nope, different world, they use a totally different and confusing language or don't have any at all" way?
earnedmystripes: (Default)

[personal profile] earnedmystripes 2014-02-14 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
hello i'm back with new questions 'u'

regarding the network: when people post or comment to people's posts, are their names or any sort of ID# attached to their posts/comments? or is everything like anonymous by default or some combination of the two?
mmmods: (Default)

[personal profile] mmmods 2014-02-14 12:41 am (UTC)(link)

By default, names (that is, given or provided names, not codenames) are attached to communicators, so they show up alongside posts and comments. However, there are more anonymous workarounds tech-savvy characters can employ (with mod permission) if that would be something they would do!

(no subject)

[personal profile] earnedmystripes - 2014-02-14 00:47 (UTC) - Expand
abadidea: magpies (014)

[personal profile] abadidea 2014-02-21 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
A quick question about how the mental posting with the tattoo works! If someone was, say, focusing in an attempt to manifest his suit as per his folder says he could, and thus is trying to focus on technical things, could the network be accidentally activated mentally?
fraternalism: (pic#7296463)

[personal profile] fraternalism 2014-02-23 08:32 am (UTC)(link)
Okay this is going to be awkwardly put because I can't do words very well today. Is it possible for some circumstances to be used in terms of becoming registered? I mean in the sense they're recognised as a help to the government and military, and they'll help them both, but at the end of the day do have allegiance to another country, and the American Military knows it? It's just a bit difficult to be "the British Government" and then swearing allegiance to the American one xD I hope that makes sense.

(no subject)

[personal profile] fraternalism - 2014-02-23 08:48 (UTC) - Expand
you_tried: (Default)

[personal profile] you_tried 2014-02-23 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! I feel like this is a silly question, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for, so here goes.

I'm working on an app for this guy, and I have a question re: superpowers. Since Booster's abilities pretty much all derive from his snazzy future tech, how exactly would that kind of thing work in this situation? Basically: he's got super strength, flight, force fields, and lasers, but he's otherwise a totally ordinary human being. A) Is that four different things, or one "umbrella," or none of the above? And B) since he doesn't have any real superpowers should I also make up some kind of appropriately useless metahuman ability for him?

viced: And really why would you? (Default)

[personal profile] viced 2014-02-24 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
Quick Q because it's finally come up
If one were to be able to talk to their tattoos, like say with technopathy, is there anything that they would become made aware of with regard to the purpose of the tattoos?

And also if someone were to maybe be marked as vigilante is there an official listing for that sort of thing? A place I should comment for that?
attractedtodarkness: (amusement)

[personal profile] attractedtodarkness 2014-02-24 02:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, I have a specific question for this character since your FAQ mentions ghosts and spirits.

[SPOILERS I guess]
Violet dies and becomes a ghost in the middle of the series of American Horror Story: Murder House. And I have a preference for taking her after she learns a few things as a ghost trapped in this particular house.

Would I be able to play with making her alive but still giving her ghost-related powers? (i.e.: being able to see/talk to ghosts; have the ability to regenerate (that comes with real pain since she'll be alive in MoM, so it'll probably be something she hates to do and won't do often)) Do I only submit the the plot request through the link stated above after my app is accepted?

Thanks for reading. The premise looks interesting and I hope to be able to app soon.

(no subject)

[personal profile] attractedtodarkness - 2014-02-24 14:35 (UTC) - Expand
pyms: (pic#6100159)

[personal profile] pyms 2014-02-25 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
Hi mods! Question about the tattoos:

Are the imPorts made aware of the same information that's outlined above? re: story behind the tattoo (nantines in your system etc) / knowing that they can access the network mentally.

(no subject)

[personal profile] pyms - 2014-02-27 05:08 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] pyms - 2014-02-27 05:12 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] pyms - 2014-03-01 21:52 (UTC) - Expand
blue_pheasant: (Default)

[personal profile] blue_pheasant 2014-02-27 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! Kuzan's going to look around to see who he can ask about getting leave for the weekend and a few more days to ride his bike out on the sea to get a feel for the status of the world.

Who should he talk to and would he get permission to venture around?
fraternalism: (pic#7296467)

[personal profile] fraternalism 2014-02-27 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I know we kind of touched on this before I applied. Is there any way that after a month they can still work with the government and not wind up swearing in?

(no subject)

[personal profile] fraternalism - 2014-02-27 21:30 (UTC) - Expand
glowsferatu: smile (pic#6287945)

[personal profile] glowsferatu 2014-02-28 01:21 am (UTC)(link)
hey! so i was wondering something about tags through tattoos. i'm assuming text would be like typing out your thoughts, which is something that has a canon precedent for me anyway, and voice posts would be no different than they are now, but where would the camera for a video tag done with the tattoo come from?

(no subject)

[personal profile] glowsferatu - 2014-02-28 01:55 (UTC) - Expand
caladrius: (Default)

[personal profile] caladrius 2014-02-28 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Soooo since Hope is an energy engineer he'd want to get on with his job. What's the energy situation like in Heropa? Sustainable, green? Still reliant on what we're using here in real life (fossil fuels??)? Or... nuclear?

Because knowing Hope he'd try and come up with a way to translate his AMP know-how into Earth terms and hook Heropa up with a self-sustaining power grid, among other things. and make energy companies hate him forever for making them lose some profit

(no subject)

[personal profile] caladrius - 2014-02-28 14:40 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] caladrius - 2014-02-28 14:43 (UTC) - Expand
remioromen: (money for ice creams?)

[personal profile] remioromen 2014-02-28 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Heya! :3 I'm considering applying to this lovely-looking game, but I'm concerned my character might not have enough canon to be apped.

The character in question is Daniel Hall, aka the second Dream of the Endless from The Sandman. Even in the collected works, he only appears in The Wake, in cameo appearances in The Sandman Presents, and in a few very brief cameos in JLA and JSA. While I think a lot can be inferred by the effect his actions (or non-actions) has on characters, inferring something isn't quite the same as seeing it happen or being...actually...featured. D|

I'm thinking he may come up short, canon-wise, but I figured I'd ask just in case.

(no subject)

[personal profile] remioromen - 2014-03-01 05:40 (UTC) - Expand
fronttowardenemy: (13)

[personal profile] fronttowardenemy 2014-03-02 07:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Quick question about tattoos: do you have to be 'caught' and reported as vigilante for it to show, or will higher powers somehow know and change it?

(no subject)

[personal profile] fronttowardenemy - 2014-03-03 05:32 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] fronttowardenemy - 2014-03-03 05:37 (UTC) - Expand
hypercompetent: <user name="melocoton"> ("fuck it all")

[personal profile] hypercompetent 2014-03-02 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Howdy modlings--I'm sure this is probably a stupid question, but I figured it was worth an ask! I played at C&C for a little bit, and as such, have a sample set in universe from my app for C&C. Would it be possible to use that as one of my samples? :> The other one wouldn't be linked, obvs, to make up for it--but I just wanted to make sure.

heralding: (life would be easier if we were atheists)

[personal profile] heralding 2014-03-04 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Hey, I have a few questions.

First, Lightning is said to be an imPort military adviser/self-defense instructor. Is it possible that I can know a little more about what this position entails?

Secondly, how much of this history is accessible by someone who decides to do research? In addition, how many active native heroes are there now? I know it's outlawed, but I'm wondering if there are any acting outside of the law.

Thirdly, would Kate declaring that she's going to be doing superhero stuff in spite of not registering be enough to declare her a vigilante, or does she need to act on it?
Edited 2014-03-04 00:08 (UTC)

(no subject)

[personal profile] selfequipped - 2014-03-04 00:46 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] selfequipped - 2014-03-04 00:52 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] selfequipped - 2014-03-04 01:13 (UTC) - Expand